The classic and the updated versions of the same robot – Alan Tim were engaged in a verbal dispute on whose software is better during a rap-battle Thursday last week at the PhysTechPark, Russia. In this picture Nao robot is displayed during the digital tech show in Rennes on December 8, 2017. DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images

One must have heard and enjoyed a lot of raps but this one is completely unusual and way beyond thoughts. Here, it is a battle of rap between two robots.

Two adaptations — the classic and the updated versions of the robot Alan Tim could be seen and heard having a verbal dispute on whose software is better. The rap-battle took place Thursday last week at the PhysTechPark, Russia.

The verbal exchange of blows happened between the two different versions of the same robot named Alan Tim — v2 and v3. Robot Alan Tim v2 is portrayed as the deputy head of the faculty of robotics at the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI) while Alan Tim v3 is the updated version of Alan Tim v2.

Although both the robots looked alike, the classic version could be differentiated with the blue butterfly bow it is shown wearing around the neck and the #robotmty mark on its body.

According to the translated version of the official website of the Moscow Technological Institute (MTI), the new robot thought himself to be a mastermind while the other one is a teacher robot who called himself a “bad boy” and said that he “keeps his money in cryptocurrency”.

In the three-minute clash, Alan Tim v2 says “My life is smooth as butter – chicks, parties. I keep my savings in cryptocurrency. I am a bad boy who teaches his students bad things like putting enemies into a coma.”

The new version, Alan Tim v3 then responds saying, “Your place is at the dump. I am a Ferrari sports car and you are just an old Lada.”

During the rap, the robot v2 also compares v3 with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein who had been recently accused of alleged sexual assault. In the video, robot v2 can be heard telling robot v3, "You’ll be ruined by a single phrase like Weinstein."

When robot v2 told his updated version v3, “Say ‘Hi’ from the bottom,” robot v3, referring to himself said, “the future is here.”

According to the MTI website, the robot Alan Tim was christened after AI mathematician Alan Turing and inventor of World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. The robot has been designed in a way where it has a voice recognition module and bears a camera that can take pictures and recognize up to 1,000 people, irrespective of the fact as to when they conversed last. The device has a storage with 100,000 explicit phrases. It can also research topics on the internet at once.