A shocking video posted by Reuters on Wednesday, shows a Cambodian woman living in "marital bliss" with a cow, who she believes is a reincarnation of her dead husband.

Although the video doesn't show the marriage ceremony, villagers who attended it claimed it took place.  

In the video, Khim Hang, 74, who lives in the northeast Kratie province of Cambodia, is seen leading the cow to her one-storied house, giving it a proper bath and making a bed for it with pillows used by her late husband.

Hang said she believed the cow is a reincarnation of her husband, Tol Khut, who died a year back. “I believe that the calf is my husband because whatever he does ... is in exactly the same way as my husband did when he was alive,” she told Reuters Television, NTV reported.

Hang’s son too supported his mother’s claim and said he wouldn't let the cow wander away from their home as he could "sense his father's spirit within the animal."

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The woman invited about a 100 villagers to witness the marriage, which she believed was nothing short of a miracle. One of the villagers who was present said the woman was not ready to accept that the animal was just a cow. She also vowed to protect the cow her entire life, refusing to sell the animal in the local market.

Hang has also forbidden her children from selling or maltreating the cow after her death. Instead, they have orders from their mother to take care of their “father” until the animal passes away. Then, the cow is supposed to be buried, just like one would honor the dead body of a human being.

According to Facts and Details, 95 percent of Cambodia is Buddhists and it is not unusual for them to believe that everyone who dies is reincarnated in some form in the afterlife. Nevertheless, it is rare to find people who are under the impression that humans can be reborn as animals such as cows after they die.

However, this is not the first instance of humans and cows being married to each other. A teenager from a coastal village of Indonesia reportedly fainted when he was forced to get married to a cow, Metro reported on July 14, 2010. 

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The villagers organized a wedding ceremony between Ngurah Alit, 18, and the cow when the former was found fornicating with the animal. When Alit was caught red-handed, he alleged said the cow was a young and beautiful woman who flirted with him first. The villagers unanimously decided the teenager had to be taught a lesson and the village cleansed of bestiality by getting the culprit married off to a cow.

Alit became a widower immediately after was married to his cow “wife” when his new bride was drowned in the sea as part of the Pecaruan ritual.