Road rage
In this picture, traffic is detoured away from a business which had to close since California Highway 138 got shut down to protect workers from 'road rage' during a road-widening project near Wrightwood, California, 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles, on July 23, 2007. Getty Images

A disturbing video showing a man hitting a 74-year-old cyclist in Peterborough, Ontario in Canada has gone viral. The video recorded by one of the witnesses showed a pickup driver hitting an old man several times with a small club.

Posted on Friday on Youtube, the video had received 305,831 views at the time of publishing.

As the incident, which took place Tuesday, unfolded, a man could be seen striking the cyclist repeatedly who was lying on the grass next to the street by a black pickup truck. As soon as the driver realized someone was filming him, he started getting up.

When the woman, who was filming it, confronted the man by saying she watched the entire incident, the man just shouted: "I tried to walk away!" By the time, there were other vehicles who stopped by; one of them got out of his car and tried to stop the man from running away from the scene.

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Then the camera focused on the blood-splattered face of the victim who struggled to get up and then asked the woman recording: "Where am I bleeding?". Blood was dripping down from his head and shirt.

The two men involved in the incident were apparently arguing before the driver of the truck started beating the cyclist, CTV News reported quoting the witness, who recorded the video. Regarding the driver's claims that he tried walking away, the witness said: “I felt like the man in the truck had every opportunity to leave...Instead he got out of his vehicle.”

The witness also said that few others tried to keep the driver of the truck from leaving the site but he simply slammed the door of his vehicle and drove away.

“During the argument, the victim was assaulted and struck with a small club several times,” Peterborough police spokesperson Lauren Gilchrist told reporters. “As a result of the investigation, we were able to make an arrest in this incident.”

The man who beat the cyclist was identified as David Fox, 65 of Peterborough. He was charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

“According to the criminal code a charge of aggravated assault would apply when a person is either maimed, wounded, disfigured, or when the assault would involve endangering the life of that person,” Gilchrist said, as reported by Global News.

In May 2015, another video that had gone viral showed a man approaching a vehicle near Montreal and revving a chainsaw because the owners were trying to get a license plate number after the driver cut them off and was driving rashly, CBC reported.

A few days before that incident, another video posted on Facebook showed a car stopping in front of another vehicle on a street in Fredericton. Then the driver walked back to the other vehicle to rant about being cut him off, reports said.

Despite these incidents, while some are saying road rage is on the rise, others are doubting whether it is actually so. "I think just because people are documenting it more doesn't mean that that actually translates to an increase in road rage," a report said citing Darryl May, director of, an insurance comparison website. However, May added; "But we are getting to see lots more of it."