Russian cosmonauts Commander Oleg Kononenko and Flight Engineer Alexey Ovchinin successfully performed a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) recently. The momentous event was captured on video and live streamed by NASA.

The spacewalk was carried out on May 29 at 11:44 am EDT. For the task, Kononenko was designated as extravehicular crew member 1 (EV1) and wore a suite with red stripes while Ovchinin sported a suit with blue stripes and was identified as EV2, according to a statement from NASA.

The spacewalk, which was broadcasted through NASA’s official live streaming YouTube channel, allowed the two cosmonauts to carry out various tasks outside the ISS. These included installing handrails on the Russian section of the station and collecting experiments from the Poisk, a docking module of the ISS. Other maintenance tasks were also carried out by the cosmonauts during their spacewalk.

Through various exterior cameras mounted on different segments of the ISS and on the cosmonauts’ space suits, viewers can clearly see how Kononenko and Ovchinin maneuvered across different sections of the station to perform their tasks.

The event marked Kononenko’s fifth spacewalk in his entire career as a cosmonaut. It was a first for Ovchinin.

Kononenko joined the current ISS mission, also known as Expedition 59, on Dec. 3, 2018 through the Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft. He is scheduled to return to Earth along with NASA’s Anna McClain and the Canadian Space Agency’s David Saint-Jacques on June 24.

As for Ovchinin, he joined Expedition 59 on March 14 through the same spacecraft that brought Kononenko to the ISS. Once Kononenko leaves the ISS next month, Ovchinin will take over as the new commander of the space station in preparation for Expedition 60.

Prior to today’s events, the last spacewalk carried out on the ISS happened on April 8. McClain and Saint-Jacques performed the task, which lasted for over six hours. One of the tasks they completed was routing additional power supply cables to the station’s mechanical arm known as Canadarm 2.

NASA has not yet released the schedule of future spacewalks outside the ISS.

Astronaut Dave Wolf does a spacewalk in front of the black backdrop of space. NASA/JSC