Passengers aboard a luxury cruise liner off the coast of New South Wales had their trip disrupted when some severe weather crossed the ship’s path. Massive waves and high speed winds pummeled the Carnival Spirit liner, causing some on the ship to say they feared for their lives.

Passengers said the waves reached up to 40 feet tall at times. One woman captured video of the heaving seas, later posting the video to Facebook.

“We had the most horrendous night on the Carnival Spirit last night,” passenger Judith Spence wrote on Facebook Monday. “We had 12 metre seas, sometimes 15 and 100 kph winds. So many people sick today. Thought we were going to roll over. Broken glasses in nearly every cabin.”

Spence commended the crew for a job well done during the storm.

“We would love to compliment the Captain, Staff and Crew for their handling of a very difficult situation,” Spence wrote in a comment to Carnival Cruise Line Australia. “It was very scary but we were kept safe.

The storm kept the ship from making it to Moreton Island, one of the scheduled stops, according to Spence. Other passengers’ photographs posted on social media showed silverware and ceramic plates strewn about the ship in the aftermath. Broken glasses and spilled condiments littered the floor of the ship.

“I was on this cruise and have never been so scared in all my life,” Debbie Freer Whelan wrote in response to the video.

It appeared that no one on the ship had been hurt in the storm.

“The Spirit is now safe and sound with no reports of injuries after crew and captain did a fantastic job of keeping guests as comfortable of [sic] possible,” Cruisetouch, a news outlet for cruise ship news, wrote on its Facebook page. “However, the guests will certainly remember their cruise!”

The storm hit land as well: flights into and out of Sydney were grounded after winds reached up to about 70 miles per hour, according to the Daily Telegraph. At least one man was killed when winds in Sydney knocked over a brick wall at a building site. Two other people were hurt when metal cladding was ripped off a building at a train station in Sydney, according to Australia’s 9 News.