A video showing a man and woman doing yoga at the back of a plane has gone viral after it was posted on Instagram. In this photo, passengers travel on a low-cost flight to Dinard in France from London, May 15, 2006. Getty Images/ Peter Macdiarmid

While most of the passengers were least interested in what was going inside the cabin of an unidentified commercial flight, choosing to either doze off or keep on gazing forward, one of the passengers captured a rare action that took place at the back of the plane, in front of the washroom.

The nearly half-a-minute clip showed a man and woman stretching out, changing from one yoga pose to the next at the end of the empty aisle of the cabin. Initially, the man was seen lying on the floor on his back, supporting the woman – who had her feet in the air – up with his legs.

Soon, however, they changed their pose with the woman coming back to the upright position and standing on the man’s feet. The man then propelled the woman further toward the roof of the plane, allowing her to bend forward, squat and then flip back to the original pose.

Although it was not confirmed, Express reported that the man and woman were not traveling with each other and met on the plane.

The video was originally posted by Instagram user Nicholas Coolridge, who has appeared on the show American Ninja Warrior multiple times. Coolridge describes himself as a “Movement Artist” on his website Modern Tarzan.

However, only after it was uploaded by Passenger Shaming did the video went viral, being viewed more than 350,000 times.

People had different views about what they felt about passengers choosing to work out inside the plane. “Why is this allowed? People seriously need to grow up! It's an airplane - not their personal workout space,” one social media user wrote in the comments section, while another wrote, “Not shaming, I’m impressed.”

Passenger Shaming is known to upload shocking or controversial airplane-related videos, many of them focusing on the weird behavior of passengers and crew members inside flights. Another video, similar to this story, showed a man wearing shorts and multi-colored crocs doing push ups in the back of the plane.