An American Airlines flight attendant filed a lawsuit against the carrier Friday for failing to investigate a physical brawl that happened on its aircraft in June 2016. The supposed victim now seeks up to $1 million in damages and her lawsuit claims “negligence, dangerous work environment, breach of contract, and assault and battery.”

Kathy Ida Wolfe accused fellow flight attendant Laura Powers of dragging her down an airplane aisle by her uniform scarf during a flight in front of the passengers. According to the lawsuit, Powers “maliciously dug her fingernails into my arm, and slammed the door of a beverage cart on my arm.”

Wolfe claimed she followed the procedure and informed the captain, other flight attendants and the flight service manager about the incident.

"I also reported the assault and battery to legal authorities after American Airlines failed to investigate and/or take action to ensure my safety," she said in a lawsuit that was originally filed in June in Tarrant County district court, Texas, before it was moved to the federal court.

Lawyers for the airline and Powers had responded to the initial lawsuit by stating that they were "not liable because Plaintiff caused or contributed to cause the harm for which recovery of damages is sought,” USA Today reported.

American Airlines spokesman Matt Miller didn't comment on the lawsuit but said the airline “strive to create a work environment in which all team members feel safe and respected,” Dallas News reported.

According to a 2011 bankruptcy lawsuit, Powers has been working for the airline since 1985. Both Wolfe and Powers are still employed by American Airlines.

Earlier this month, the airline was sued by a woman who alleged that a man sexually assaulted her as he was intoxicated after being served alcohol while onboard their flight.

Aubrey Lane said the man was visibly drunk at the time he boarded the plane in June 2017. The man was served up to six more alcoholic drinks while onboard. Post this, he sexually assaulted a woman seated next to him and then followed Lane to the washroom and assaulted her.

“Knowing the clear dangers of intoxication and the sexual assault threats, especially on red eye flights, American offered no protection to Aubrey Lane...despite the verbal warnings of Passenger 12C and the obvious obnoxious, aggressive, threatening and intoxicated behavior of Passenger 12B,” the lawsuit claimed.

In a statement, the airline said it is yet to receive a report, however, promised to thoroughly investigate the incident.

"We want all of our customers to have a safe, positive travel experience with us and we are deeply troubled by any allegation of misconduct onboard our aircraft or at any of our facilities. If our crews discover or are told about any alleged illegal misconduct that may occur on the aircraft, law enforcement is contacted and will meet the aircraft upon arrival," the statement said.