A bizarre video showing a boy from Pakistan turning his head 180 degrees is going viral on social media.

In the video, Muhammad Sameer, 14, from Karachi, Pakistan, shows off his unbelievable ability ot turn his head completely backwards without moving his torso. Like an owl, Sameer can rotate his head 180 degrees, something that is impossible for most humans.

Later on in the video, which was posted on Nov. 8, Sameer is also seen twisting his arm in bizarrely ways and also spinning his shoulder 360 degrees. He has been nicknamed the “human owl” for his unique ability, Daily Pakistan reported.

According to Sputnik News, Sameer it is not any rare condition that gives him such seemingly superhuman abilities. But it is a result of several months of tough training and rigorous exercise that made him such a “head-turner.”

Sameer’s father was forced to quit his job after suffering a series if heart strokes. That is when Sameer dropped out of school and joined a dance group called ‘Dangerous Boys’ in order to help out his family financially. It is a dance group of eight members which performs at different shows for a small fee.

Sameer earns 600 to 1000 PKR ($5.71 to $9.51) per show. Although his mother initially tried to stop him from practicing dangerous stunts, she soon realized that it “was a gift from God." Sameer also hopes that he will be able to overcome his family’s financial problems one day by landing a role in a Hollywood movie due to his awe-inspiring flexibility.