A 27-feet-long python wrapped its body around a fisherman’s feet when the latter went fishing in Padang Pariaman region of Indonesia.

The incident took place on Nov. 22, although a video of the incident found its way to YouTube recently. In the video, more than six men can be seen struggling to overpower the mammoth reptile, as it twisted and turned in the forested area, trying to free itself from their clutches. While the rest of the men kept a hold on the beast’s body, repeatedly tapping it, one fisherman tightly held the snake’s mouth shut to prevent it from biting anyone, Mirror Online reported. 

It all started when a fisherman went looking for eels in the nearby woods and stepped on what he initially thought was a large piece of log. It was only when the “log” moved that the man discovered it was a reticulated python. Soon after being disturbed from its resting state, the snake coiled itself around the man’s ankles.

When fishermen in the surrounding area saw the man struggling to get himself free, they rushed to the spot to help him. Tan Galuang, one of the men seen in the video, recalled the horrific experience later on.

“I found the snake first of all. I walked on it. I thought it was a log. I was shocked. There were six men all trying to fight it. The snake was wrapped around my friend's leg and we quickly released it,” Galuang said. “We were only looking for fish, but the snake is like the grand prize. My religion forbids me from eating the snake, so I could not make a meal from it.”

Although the struggle with the reptile went on for hours, the men finally were able to get the better of the reptile and secure it in a cage before taking it to a village in the Padang Pariaman region, where it was kept for days. It was eventually released miles away from human settlement by wildlife officials.

While Galuang was hesitant to taste the flesh of the snake, an entire village in the Indragiri Hulu Regency of Riau Province in Indonesia had no issues devouring a 23-foot-long python after a local man, Robert Nababan, wrestled and killed the beast in October last year.

"I have heard from friends that they are really tasty,” Elinaryon, head of the Batang Gansal district government said about pythons at the time. “I mean it's a 7m snake — that's a lot of meat! The blood, some people believe, has healing qualities and can be used in medicine."

Nababan, 37, encountered the deadly creature when he was riding his moped home from a palm oil plantation, where he worked as a security guard. When he found the reptile blocking the way, he decided to move the snake to one side of the road with the help of two other pedestrians.

The reptile suddenly turned on him, pinning him to the ground as it coiled its body around Nababan to paralyze its prey. However, Nababan managed to kill the python.