WATCH: Romney's New Anti-Obama Ad Stars Cory Booker, Harold Ford Jr. and Steve Rattner [VIDEO]
Mitt Romney’s latest anti-Obama attack ads takes the words of some of the president’s supporters and uses them against him. Romney for President, Inc.

Mitt Romney's latest anti-Obama attack ad takes the words of some of the president's supporters and uses them against him.

Big Bain Backfire, a 55-second video published on Republican presidential hopeful's website and YouTube channel Monday afternoon, comes in the wake of the backlash faced by Democrats who criticized the Obama campaign's ad blitz against Romney's private equity background.

The video stars Newark Mayor Cory Booker, former chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council Harold Ford Jr., and former Obama financial adviser (a.k.a. the car czar) Steve Rattner.

All three Democrats made comments on television the past week that made rounds on the Internet because they found Obama's efforts to criticize Romney's management of a private equity firm inappropriate.

Have you had enough of President Obama's attacks on free enterprise? asks a narrator. His own key supporters have.

The two Obama campaign ads and website,, argue that Romney learned the wrong values while CEO of Bain Capital and destroyed hundreds of jobs.

Booker spent much of Sunday cleaning up the fallout from calling the Obama ad nauseating on NBC's Meet the Press, releasing a YouTube video that said attacking Romney's business background was reasonable but encouraged positive over negative campaigning.

The Republican National Committee also created a snarky petition called I Stand With Cory, which reposted the Meet the Press video.