The Slooh Space Camera is offering a free live stream of the month's second blue moon. You can check out the second full moon in the month of August, courtesy of Slooh, below.

"Slooh will cover the Blue Moon Live from Canary Islands with a special solar feed from Arizona - all at the same time!" the website announced. Coverage of the blue moon is set to begin at 6 p.m. EST.

The next time a blue moon is scheduled to appear in July 15, 2015.

The first blue moon of August occurred on the first of the month, which ends tonight with the second blue moon in 31 days.

"Blue moon" is actually a misnomer and the moon isn't actually blue. The phrase means that there are two full moons in one calendar month.

Philip Hiscock, a folklore expert at the University of Newfoundland, said the phrase "blue moon" has been used for more than 400 years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Slooh noted how the blue moon nearly coincides with the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to walk on the moon. Armstrong, who is remembered for saying "one small step for man, one giant step for mankind," as he took his first step on the moon, passed away Aug. 25 at age 82. Armstrong died from complications due to heart surgery.

Slooh, a company that broadcasts space-related programming, is honoring the pioneer astronaut on its website here.

"This Blue Moon that Slooh will explore Friday night is somewhat rare, but not as rare as the courage and talent of the late Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on our nearest celestial neighbor," Slooh editor Bob Berman said, according to "To honor him, Slooh will explore the Sea of Tranquillity with its Canary island 20-inch telescope, live, and have guests who will reveal some of the lesser-known secrets of that historic 1969 event. I think many of our visitors will be in for quite a surprise."