It’s the latest in thousands of human microchip implants but this one is likely the first where the owner of a Tesla electric vehicle (EV) won’t need a special key card to start the EV. In this case, all that’s needed is a forearm.

Annie DD, a software engineer with emerald green hair, had the idea to implant the RFID chip of her Tesla key card into her right forearm. Why? So she can start her Model 3 by simply placing her hand near the door. There’s also no chance she’ll ever lose or misplace her key card with the implant.

This intriguing biohack took some doing. It involved dissolving the Tesla valet card with the RFID chip in acetone just to get at the chip. Annie DD then had to find someone to do the actual surgery. The implanting process is available for viewing on YouTube.

Annie originally wanted to use an existing RFID implant chip in her left forearm to start the Model 3. That plan didn’t pan out because she’d have had to take the Tesla’s key card’s Java applet and write it onto her own chip. Impossible job.

The only other option was to have another implant, this one on her right forearm. Annie said she uses the implant on her left forearm for access control, such as opening web browsers by simply tapping her hand to her phone. She also said the implant works on her front door.

She said that when she ordered her Model 3, she learned the vehicle’s key card is an RFID. She thought of accessing the RFID’s info to store in the chip on her left arm to start the Tesla. She later discovered she couldn’t get at the info in the Java applet it runs on.

Annie explained the Tesla biohack began when she dissolved the Tesla valet key card in acetone. The process took about an hour and yielded the intact and undamaged RFID chip. She then had an expert encapsulate the chip in a biopolymer that’s safe to use inside the body or under skin.

Doctors she talked to turned her down when she asked them to implant the chip in her arm. She then found a guy into body modification (a tattoo artist) named Pineapple to do it for her. She also took a video of this bloody process.

And that’s how you biohack a Tesla key card.

Tesla Model 3
The Tesla Model 3 on display in Los Angeles, California. The popular Model 3s have driven more than 1 billion electric miles in record time. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images