• Sunny Edwards took matters into his own hands against a Twitter troll
  • Fab Tanga challenged Edwards to a fight at his gym in Sheffield, England
  • Edwards toyed with Tanga for the better part of the entire video

Troll culture has taken over the internet in recent years, and it has led to most people dreaming up scenarios where they hope to punch out those who are only brave enough to say what they do behind a screen.

However, there are times when a troll absolutely gets what they deserve.

That is what Twitter troll Fab Tanga received after going after IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards recently.

Tanga, whose Twitter has since been suspended, was quoted by the Daily Mirror to have posted a challenge for Edwards.

"I promise, Sunny Edwards, I promise on my life that if you are not going to answer, tomorrow morning I will be in front of your gym between 11 and 12. If you let me spend the money I use to eat and you will not there, I will walk all Sheffield screaming that you are a coward,” he wrote.

The following day, Tanga was probably not expecting to see Edwards respond to his challenge.

“I'm on the way right now, don't go anywhere you little [expletive] helmet,” said Edwards in response to reports that Tanga was there at his gym in Sheffield.

Edwards began streaming their little sparring match, and it was apparent that Tanga bit off way more than he can chew.

Tanga swung first with a wild left hook and light combination that Edwards was able to dodge with ease, and the reigning IBF flyweight king made sure to embarrass the troll soon after.

Edwards landed a light body shot to Tanga and followed it up with a leaping left hook to the face that sent Tanga staggering backwards into the ropes.

A final left hook to the head from Edwards had Tanga leaning towards the ropes and was forced to call it a day soon after.

Following his public humiliation, Tanga posted a message on his Twitter.

"I want [to] just say with all my heart, thank you, Sunny Edwards. You demonstrated to me that in the UK, there is at least one super champion. I will pray to God to protect you, your family, and your friends. He is fast, he is really [expletive] fast,” Tanga stated as quoted by the Mirror.

View the whole fight below.