Steph Curry
Warriors guard Steph Curry showed up to Sunday's Detroit Pistons game in a spooky Halloween outfit. Curry is pictured on June 19, 2016 in Oakland, California. Getty Images

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry showed his Halloween spirit when he arrived at the Oracle Arena for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Pistons wearing a costume from the "Jigsaw" horror flick. Curry made his way through the parking lot dressed as the "Jigsaw" killer's doll "Billy the Puppet" from the popular "Saw" horror franchise.

The official Warriors account posted a video of Curry’s shenanigans on Twitter. Curry can be seen riding the signature tricycle through security and into the building. The character’s chilling theme music can be heard from speakers in the background while Curry cycled through the lot.

He is then greeted by teammate Draymond Green and building officials.

"You've got too much time on your hands," a smiling Green said to Curry as he held the door open.

However, the mood changed that night after the Warriors committed 26 turnovers in a 115-107 loss to the Pistons. Curry's team fell to a 4-3 record following the loss.

Coach Steve Kurr wasn’t impressed. He pinned the loss on the team’s lack of mental toughness.

"This has nothing to do with trying to be unselfish," Kerr told reporters after the game. "This has to do with a complete lack of focus, fundamentals. We're throwing the ball all over the place. Some passes are just hitting guys in the shoes, even when they're not turnovers. It's focus and execution."

"At some point, the ball just has to matter," Kerr added. "We are getting everybody’s best shot. If you don’t match that type of energy and play with some intelligence and some discipline, you are not going to win."

Warriors star forward Kevin Durant echoed Kerr’s sentiment and attributed the team’s turnovers to the loss.

"You give a team 16 more shots and they only win by eight, that goes back to the turnovers," Durant said after the game. "We keep the ball in our hands and get shots up, you know if we're shooting 57 percent, 60 percent of those shots may go in if we get them up every time down."

The Warriors look to redeem themselves in Monday’s game against the L.A. Clippers (4-1) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.