A number of companies are looking forward to the end of the pandemic and for life to get back to normal, and the quickest and safest way they believe that this can happen is for consumers to receive the COVID vaccine.

To encourage people to step up and get their COVID shot, many of the world’s favorite brands are showing their support for the vaccine by launching their own ad campaigns in the push to get America inoculated.

One of the more recent companies to launch an ad calling for its customers to get the shot is Anheuser-Busch. Budweiser released a new ad spot on Wednesday called “Good Times are Coming,” featuring a group of friends hanging out together drinking beer, captioned, “Remember this?”

The ad is in reference to social distancing and the recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid gathering in groups of people outside of personal households, which left many friends unable to see each other for months on end.

Throughout the ad, the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Jimmy Durante’s plays. The spot closes by saying, “Good times are coming. Now we have a shot.”

Budweiser is not the only brand that has invested in the COVID vaccine push as Google also released an ad called “Get back to what you love” on YouTube.

The ad, which premiered on TV during March Madness' Final Four games, shows a number of search terms that are altered to a post-pandemic search from “sweat pants” to just “pants” and “virtual happy hour” to just “happy hour” with the last search term being “covid vaccine near me.”

Google said in its YouTube description that “While there’s still uncertainty ahead, the vaccine gives us reason for hope.” The online Google ad had been viewed over 6.7 million times at the time of writing.

Walgreens is also rolling out a COVID vaccine campaign called “This is Our Shot.” The ad, which launched Sunday, features singer John Legend and is part of an effort by the pharmacy and drugstore retailer to “remind Americans that the vaccine is the nation’s opportunity to help bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Other companies investing in the COVID vaccine initiative include Target, which announced that it would donate $1 million to nonprofits for free and discounted rides to vaccine appointments through Lyft. Drop Technologies also announced it would offer restaurant and retailer credits with a COVID vaccine selfie, CNBC reported.

A number of other companies are also offering free incentives to people who get the COVID vaccine, ranging from free donuts at Krispy Kreme to restaurant and bar discounts, and even free cannabis from one dispensary in Michigan.

As of Wednesday. more than 168 million doses of COVID vaccine had been administered in the U.S., with about 18% of the eligible population being fully vaccinated.

covid vaccine The quick rollout of vaccines in the U.S. has lifted optimism for economic recovery. Photo: AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS