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Wikipedia - The Encyclopedia Of Record?

Tom Halleck considers how businesses that create Wikipedia pages affect the credibility of the web’s most frequently cited information source. 

Starbucks In Colombia

Starbucks is moving into Colombia, which prompts former Starbucks staffer and IBTimes reporter Patricia Rey-Mallen to explore how the company will overcome the inevitable biases (and sometimes, confusion) of Latin American customers. 

Cleveland Wants To Rock

The housing crisis-battered rust belt city has a surplus of housing and revitalization resources -- and they want artists from bigger cities to take advantage of them. Ellen Killoran signs on for the sales tour.

The Wild Nigerian Bus Ride

American photographer Cameron Barnes tells Connor Sheets the story of his treacherous, 13-hour bus ride between the Nigerian cities of Lagos and Abuja, featuring a flat tire, an altercation with gun-toting policemen and hundreds of miles of pockmarked roads. 

Somalia's Bittersweet Crude

A breakaway region of war-torn Somalia may be sitting on an oil bonanza. Among those looking to profit, there’s the former boss of Gulf spill-era BP.




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