Winter is already here and while it is starting to get really cold, it might be really difficult to stay motivated about staying physically active. Working out in winters can prove to be more beneficial than exercising during the other seasons of the year. Exercise can help prevent an expanding waistline by heating up your body naturally.

The rise in your body temperature while exercising will give you a soothing, calming effect on your body unlike lying in front of a heater. And several studies have reported that exercise not only strengthens your immune system and aids weight loss but also can fight off bacterial and viral infections, says livelifegetactive.

Here are some tips on ways to winter-proof your exercise regimen:

1. Seek out a companion

Working out alone can make it easy to skip a session or two. But when you have a partner or a group, you will have some social pressure. Not only will these partners provide social support but will also distract you from bad weather.

2. Workout during your lunch break

It might be frustrating to work out when its dark in the morning and late evening hours after returning from work. A mid-day workout session can be the best solution to aid weight loss in winter. If there isn’t any convenient gym closer to your office, try taking a long, brisk walk during the lunch hour. Hop into a nearby mall or shopping center for a quick indoor stroll, says Today.

3. Add enough layers to your workout gears

You need more than sweat-wicking clothes to work out in the winter. Add layers to trap warm air next to your body and keep out cold elements including snow, rain, and wind says an American Council-certified personal trainer.

4. Protect your extremities

Your fingers, toes, ears, and nose are the most affected body parts by cold temperatures since blood is shunted to the core of the body, leaving less blood available to extremities. To prevent that, including a hat or headband, gloves or mittens, socks, and other add-ons apart from good running shoes to workout in winter.

5. Stay hydrated

Even though you might not feel quite thirsty in winter, it is necessary that you keep your skin from drying out by consuming a minimum of 8 glasses daily.