Amazon has expanded from an online bookstore to an e-commerce behemoth, with lucrative business initiatives in several different sectors. That includes, video streaming, through both its Prime Video streaming service and its Fire TV hardware offering.

The latter was in focus in the tech world on Wednesday, as Amazon announced a new version of the Fire TV Stick device that streams content in 4K resolution. Its $50 price tag is a $10 increase from the Fire TV Stick that outputs in 1080p resolution. However, the Fire TV Stick 4K also includes support for Dolby Atmos surround sound and HDR.

Many might still be unclear about the origins and benefits of Fire TV. Originally launched in 2014, Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to things like Roku and Apple TV. They are all small, relatively affordable devices that plug into any TV and can stream content from a variety of different streaming services, TV networks and other providers.

Data collected in 2017 by eMarketer found that, at the time, the streaming device market was highly competitive. Roku had the highest market share, but its lead over second-place Google Chromecast and third-place Amazon Fire TV was slim. All three had significant leads over fourth-place Apple TV.

Apple TV’s hardware offering is nearly $200 at the high end, which is significantly higher than its three main competitors.

Fire TV fits into Amazon’s initiative to have as many voice-controlled Amazon products in customers’ homes as possible. The device comes with a remote control that supports Alexa, the company’s virtual assistant. Amazon announced a range of new Alexa devices in September, including a voice-controlled microwave.

The future of Amazon Fire TV reportedly includes an IMDB-flavored streaming service that will be included free with all Fire TV devices. Like Roku TV and Hulu, the service is free but contains commercials.