The debtors revolution is what began from a video posted on You Tube at the beginning of September by a Bank of America customer gone viral after BofA raised her credit card interest from 13 percent to a whopping 30 percent.

Ann Minch, the author of the video states she is staging a debtors' revolt right here, right now and although she calls her actions civil disobedience, Minch refuses to pay the bank one more penni unless it returns the interest rate and monthly installment amount to what it was before the rate hike.

Stick that in your bailout pipe and smoke it, Minch said.

Minch invites citizens to follow her revolt, she advices them to write a letter to their creditors and tell debt collectors to stick it. The video has been watched by more than 340,000 people as of Monday.

Watch the Debtors' revolt clip below: