What do corporate directors like to do when they’re out of their boardrooms? That’s the question Harvard Business Review posed to more than 1,000 board members around the world, and it turns out that most of them really like sports and fitness-related activities, followed by activities related to arts, culture and design.

The study grouped respondents into four regions -- North America, Western Europe, Asia, and Australia and New Zealand -- and found that in each region “sports and fitness” and “arts, culture and design” were among the top three responses.

But there were some notable differences, the study found. Philanthropy and community service made it to the top three only in Asia. Those in Australia and New Zealand enjoyed reading and writing more than business leaders in other regions did. In North America and Western Europe, travel was the activity that also made it to the top three.

There were gender-based differences too. Women were more inclined to name “arts, culture and design,” “food, wine and cooking” and “nature” as interests, while men were far more likely to say “sports and fitness.”

Here’s the Harvard Business Review data, in an infographic:

hbr board directors-01
What do business leaders do with their free time? IBTimes/Lisa Mahapatra