• Mike Tyson revealed what he felt everytime he KO'd an opponent
  • The young Tyson was never satisfied with what he accomplished
  • Cus D'Amato fueled Tyson's "bad ass" attitude

Boxing icon Mike Tyson revealed what he truly felt every time he brutally KO'd his opponents inside the ring.

Tyson burst onto the boxing world as the youngest heavyweight world champion. During his prime, he was considered a ferocious animal inside the ring because of his incredible KO power. Indeed, Tyson became ultimately famous even outside boxing. He was one of the most celebrated athletes of his time but very few people really knew how he truly felt about what he has accomplished.

In an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated a few years ago, then-50-year-old Tyson was asked about what he felt when he was at the peak of his career. According to Tyson, what he remembered the most was that he was never satisfied and always wanted more.

“I enjoyed some of it. But every time I got a little bit, I wanted more. It was never enough. Even the champ, we want more. Alter ego says, ‘This is all I worked for? This is what I worked for from 12? I want more,'" Tyson said about his world titles.

Mike Tyson
A young Mike Tyson inside the ring Getty Images/Focus On Sport

More importantly, “Iron Mike” revealed what he really felt whenever he knocked an opponent out. Based on his recollection, the young Tyson never felt any remorse for the opponents he has hurt inside the ring.

“No. Everything’s black. No feelings, nothing,” Tyson said.

“Obviously if you see them incapacitated, you can be merciful. But if he’s breathing, it’s not tough," Tyson added.

After a few decades, Tyson is now disgusted by his old self. In fact, he even said that the old Tyson could never have a family as “that guy would destroy his family.”

Just a few months ago, Tyson evidently shifted mood after hearing a story about his “dark days” (which was apparently his prime). In an episode of “Hotboxin with Mike Tyson,” he said that he “used to live a really dark life back then and he’s just happy that it’s over.”

Some fans might not know, but it was Tyson’s mentor Cus D’Amato who urged him to become a “badass” in boxing. As a kid, Tyson absorbed everything D’Amato infused him and even stated on “Iron Ambition: My life with Cus D’Amato” that it was D’Amato who influenced his "I don’t give a f---" attitude.

“He’d say ‘I don’t care, I’m an animal. They had to kill me to stop me’. Cus fuelled my ‘I don’t give a f---’ attitude,” Tyson stated.

Mike Tyson
Former boxer Mike Tyson reacts as he speaks to the media, before the weigh-in of International Boxing Federation (IBF) World Championship Bout at the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China, on the outskirts of Beijing, China, May 24, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee