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Twitter announces new night mode feature. Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

Twitter unveiled this week its new night mode feature, which allows users to see better while tweeting in the dark. The social media app announced the new settings update Monday along with a gif tutorial on how to use the night mode option.

The night mode feature lets users switch their background and text colors, automatically changing the writing to white while the app turns dark blue, which is supposed to make bedtime tweeting easier on the eyes.

Twitter’s night mode option is what some tech enthusiasts are thinking may be the first hint at new software changes that are coming for iOS users. Since Apple first announced plans to release a new iPhone in September – which is being speculated as the iPhone 7 – there have been rumors that the updated software will come along with a new night mode feature across all its apps, especially if Apple uses the new phone to unveil an OLED screen, Independent reported.

OLED screens aren’t just slated to look better for design purposes, but the screens don’t work nearly as hard to produce blacks, resulting in richer black colors, which would allow app designers to use darker colors and help preserve battery life on phones.

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Night mode options have already started to appear on some apps. However, Twitter is the first major app to offer the feature. Night mode is available on iOS and Android versions of the app.

Users can access the new Twitter setting rather easily by following the four steps below:

1. Go to your profile by selecting the “Me” tab in the app.

2. Click the cog in the top right hand corner.

3. After clicking the cog, a list of options should pop off, one of which should be “Turn on night mode.”

4. Click “Turn on night mode.”

The feature can be turned off by following the same steps.