• InnerSloth is working on new things for "Among Us"
  • These include a new map called "The Airship"
  • Some are already speculating about what may come after the new map arrives

While fans are working on ways to make “Among Us” more exciting, InnerSloth, the developer behind the super popular title, is also working on a few additions that could make the game more fun to play for longer. What could these be?

Previously, InnerSloth’s Victoria Tran revealed that they are working on a few things that will be added to the game in the near future. These include a new Accounts system that will let players keep a record of their game stats. The devs said they are putting more effort into moderation to make sure the new system works fine and has no problem.

Aside from the new Accounts system, InnerSloth said it is working on the new “Airship” map, which will be the largest map that players will get, at least for the moment.

The Airship is based on another game, “Henry Stickmin.” It offers more room to run and hide and also brings in a few new interesting mechanics like ladders and moving platforms. It’s more colorful than previous maps and has many corners that Impostors can use to stage ambushes or Crewmates can use to hide from Impostors chasing after them.

That said, what can players expect from the developers after the new Airship map? ScreenRant has a few ideas:

Henry Stickmin” locations

Considering The Airship is based on the “Henry Stickmin Collection,” which InnerSloth worked on prior to “Among Us,” it’s simply logical for another “Henry Stickmin” location to be used for another map.

This new map, ScreenRant speculates, could be The Museum, which was a major location in “Henry Stickmin.”

ScreenRant also posited that InnerSloth could lift a tropical or forest location from “Henry Stickmin,” particularly from the “Completing the Mission” part, and use it in “Among Us.” This “makes a lot of sense, and it’s something that players haven’t seen” in the best multiplayer game yet, the outlet noted.

At the moment

For now, while it’s still unclear what kind of new content will be added to “Among Us” in the near future, fans can continue enjoying the game in its basic form or make use of custom game modes and other interesting mods. It’s not just about the game – it’s also about how gamers play it.

Among Us Among Us Photo: Innersloth