The world is just days away from another Apple revolution, as the company gears up to release the highly anticipated iPad 3, or as it's rumored to be named amongst the unending other rumors out there about its features, specs and price.

As we know, well sort of know, the iPad 3 will be unveiled at an event in San Francisco on March 7. The third generation tablet computer from Apple will be thicker, have an improved camera and battery, a faster dual-core A5X chip or a quad-core A6 chip and an 2048 x 1536 true HD display with a brighter screen thanks to the duel-LED backlit system.

Of course this is all speculation.

However, most reports indicate the iPad 3 will be $80 more expensive than the Apple iPad 2 starting at $579 for a 16GB and going all the way up to $899 for 64GB with 3G and WiFi.

But maybe you don't have that much cash to shell out for the next biggest Apple tablet.

View the slideshow to see photos of some other tablet computer alternatives to consider as the world goes mad for the Apple iPad 3.