Prominent NBA columnist Peter Vecsey found himself in the center of a Twitter storm Monday for a racial tweet about an in-game skirmish between Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and New York Knick's Enes Kanter. Vecsey used the n-word in his tweet while quoting a lyric from a song by the late rapper Notorious BIG.

The tweet led to a furious backlash from numerous NBA fans and Twitter users.

There were some other Twitter users who suggested Vecsey's account may have been hacked.

However, the outrage didn’t seem to elicit any apology or sense of regret from the renowned sports commentator. Vecsey, far from being apologetic about his actions, stood his ground. Responding to a Twitter user named The_6_DOC, who wrote: “Never thought I would cringe at someone quoting B.I.G.....Word up, Pete,” Vecsey replied, “Your problem, not mine."

There were also some others who defended Vecsey's tweet.

Twitter user Andre Jackson said in Vecsey's support: "you throwing Twitter into a frenzy but I got your back. I know ur pedigree & ur hood pass is valid. Paying homage to B.I.G. #Respect"

Vecsey is a notable figure in the world of NBA. A graduate from Archbishop Molly High School in 1961, he was especially famous for his column “Hoop du Jour” in the New York Post. He was also associated with USA Today, NBC, TNT/TBS, NBA TV and US Network.

He is also the recipient of the Curt Gowdy Media Award which was given to him at the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009. During the award ceremony, Vecsey reportedly said, “If there is anybody here I haven’t insulted here over the last 40 years, I apologize.”