Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo, photographed during the Halo Awards in New York City on Nov. 11, 2016, believes he experienced “racial discrimination” at Miami-Dade Airport. Getty Images

Jason Derulo is speaking out after a nightmarish experience at Miami-Dade Airport. The award winning musician and his team were there attempting to check bags on Wednesday when a dispute began and police were called.

The musician took to Instagram to air out his grievances, sharing with fans just how disappointed he was in American Airlines for allegedly treating him so poorly after all the business he has given them. According to Us Weekly, an airline employee got into it with the “Talk Dirty to Me” singer about baggage fees for the 19 bags he and his staff were trying to check. Derulo, 27, chalked the experience up to racial discrimination, revealing that the clerk “called 15 police officers on me as if I’m a criminal!”

Derulo’s social media reveal drew responses from fans and haters alike. Some were shocked by Derulo’s experience, while others simply refused to believe it. While the former rallied in support for the singer, others questioned his sense of entitlement.

While Derulo claims having the authorities called on him was an act of discrimination, the airline seems to be telling a very different story. TMZ obtained video from the incident, which shows the singer explaining that he’s a Concierge Key member of American Airlines, which gives him the ability to bring an unlimited number of bags on the plane. The airline, however, told Local 10 News that is not the policy. Elite members are given three free checked bags. It has also been reported that Derulo was extremely late for the flight. The police report suggests that he and his crew arrived at 4:15 p.m. for a 5 p.m. flight.

In the end, Derulo and most of his crew ended up boarding the plane. Us reported that one member stayed behind to bring the bags onto a plane leaving at a later time. It has been reported that after Derulo’s plane left the gate the aforementioned member of Derulo’s entourage called him to let him know he would be charged $4,000 for the extra baggage, which is what prompted the singer’s outburst onboard the plane.

He reportedly demanded the plane return to the gate and was greeted by police officers upon exiting the aircraft. Derulo suggested that the police officers changed their demeanor upon realizing who he was. He said he was fearful of what the outcome of the situation may have been very different had he been a regular person.