Apple iPhone users who have updated their devices to iOS 13.2 won't be able to downgrade to an earlier iOS version anymore. Specifically, those who updated to the latest iOS version won't be able to downgrade to iOS 13.1.3 or iOS 13.1.2.

The news comes after Cupertino has decided to stop signing iOS 13.1.3, iPhoneHacks reported. Those who updated to iOS 13.2 and found it lacking or troublesome won't be able to revert to an older iOS version anymore. The same applies to users with iPads running on iPadOS 13.

Why is this a big deal?

The news might not be that important to some, but those looking to downgrade from iOS 13.2 due to some problems will find it annoying. Previous reportsreveal that iOS 13.2 introduced major problems related to memory management.

Many iOS device users reported that the apps on their iOS 13.2 device kept getting killed when placed in the background. Switching from one app to another via the App Switcher resulted to foregrounded apps needing a refresh, and backgrounded apps being killed “aggressively.” A netizen said he had to reload the YouTube video he was watching simply because he sent a text message.

Some iPhone and iPad users who want to jailbreak their devices might've wanted to revert to iOS 13.1.2 as well. This is because developers normally release jailbreaks for older iOS versions. Certain jailbreaks, such as Hexxa Plus and Trimgo, can be used for iOS 13.2, previous reports said. Other jailbreaks are expected to come soon.

IOS 13.2 features

Those who updated their iPhones to iOS 13.2 need not worry about not being able to downgrade to an earlier version. iOS 13.2 adds new features that can help users make the most of their Apple handsets.

The latest iOS version introduces Deep Fusion, a feature that allows the iPhone's camera, specifically those in the iPhone 11 lineup, to take better quality photos in mid- to low-light conditions. It's a computational photography feature that takes several shots of the same image in different exposure levels, then combines all of them to produce one highly detailed image.

iOS 13.2 also introduces new emojis, the ability to delete apps right from the Home Screen, and the added convenience of opting out of sharing Siri recordings with Apple.

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