Apple recently released iOS 13.2, a major update that brings a slew of features to the iPhone. What features does the latest iOS version bring? Here's a quick look at iOS 13.2's features.

iOS 13.2 is the latest iOS version Apple released for the iPhone. With it, users will be able to use the new AirPods Pro audio accessory, include more emojis to texts and messages, stop Siri from sharing audio recordings to Apple, and more. Here's a quick rundown of what it offers:

Support for the new AirPods Pro

The new iOS version adds support for the newly-announced AirPods Pro, which is set for release on Oct. 30. iPhone users on iOS 13.2 will find button controls for the AirPods Pro's Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode when they access the Control Center.

New emojis

Apple added a lot of emojis to iOS 13.2. These new Unicode 12 emojis actually reach a total of 230 characters if each person's gender and skin tone are included, MacRumors noted. New emojis include animals like a skunk, orangutan and a sloth; some food items like a falafel, an ice cube, and an onion; as well as faces and gestures like a pinching hand, a yawning face, and a deaf person.

Opt out of Siri sharing

Users on iOS 13.2 will now be able to opt out of sharing their conversations with Siri to Apple. It also allows users to opt out of sharing dictation audio with Cupertino. What's more, it allows users to delete Siri and dictation history.

Announce Messages with Siri

Siri can now be tasked to announce messages out loud when they arrive. This feature works best for those who are using AirPods headphones and aren't able to hold their phone like those working out at the gym, those who are busy working in the kitchen or workshop, or those who just have their hands full at the moment.

Delete app from home screen

iOS 13.2 now allows users to delete apps right from the Home Screen. This is done with a long press (or a Haptic Touch) on an app icon, then tapping on the Delete option from the menu that pops up on the screen.

Edit Home Screen

The Rearrange Apps option has been changed to “Edit Home Screen.” This can be accessed by long-pressing (or using Haptic Touch) on any app icon, then tapping on Edit Home Screen in the menu that pops up.

Deep Fusion

This camera feature is for the iPhone 11 series models only. It's a computational photography feature that combines several photos, all of them taken at different exposures, to produce one highly detailed picture.

whatsapp-ios-iphone-phone-homescreen-apps-1370785-pxhere A new report claims that one of the major features of the latest iOS 13.3 update is failing to deliver its promised protection. Photo: CC Public Domain/