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His role as internet billionaire is perfect for the 33-year-old actor who, as to date, remains to be one of the top celebrities with most followers on Twitter.Best free apps in iPhone, iPad for 2011 REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Apple Inc. and Samsung executives are holding talks to end the patent dispute between the companies.

The problem began in April when Apple accused Samsung of copying its design after Samsung released a series of Android-based devices including the Galaxy Tab.

The turn of events surprised many people, especially the tech analysts, as Apple is the second largest customer of Samsung in terms of generating more than $5 billion in sales. The two companies, however, declared war after Samsung’s Galaxy II usurped one of the top spots in the smartphone arena.

Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over the case, asked both the firms to settle the issue outside the court. Samsung has also been asked to show the company’s upcoming designs to Apple before they are released. Samsung wants the same from Apple now.

Previously, Apple had settled a patent dispute with Nokia for which Apple has to pay the company a royalty for every iOS device sold, the ITProPortal reported.