windows 10 preview
Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system on display. Reuters

Microsoft is gearing up to teach PC users how to get the most out of the new Windows 10 operating system when it launches on July 29 -- whether they want the information or not.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore explained in a series of tweets that Insider Preview customers will soon start seeing popups and notifications explaining key features of the system. Belfiore says the tips are "personal, service-driven & designed to skip stuff you already know."

However, during the testing period some Insider Preview installations may display tips for features that have already been used. When the final version of Windows 10 launches, the system will hide popups about features that the user already knows about. Before then, Belfiore says users may see unnecessary tips for the next few weeks.

While Windows 10 fixes a lot of issues and complaints from Windows 8, the software still carries over some features from the previous version that may be unfamiliar to users upgrading from Windows 7. "Live Tiles" and a full-screen Start Menu option, features introduced with Windows 8, may confuse customers who skipped the last major release, so tips will need to be tailored to cater to both people who have and haven't used Windows 8.

Other features, like the Edge web browser and Cortana personal assistant, will be new to all PC users. Although Microsoft is aiming for ease of use, these tips could help new consumers use hidden functions they may not have otherwise found. For example, Edge will respond to questions typed into the address bar like "what's the weather like in redmond?" by providing a straight answer rather than a set of search results.