Microsoft has launched a major Windows 10 update to testers. Reuters/Mike Blake

Windows 10 testers have just received a major software update from Microsoft. The new update with build number 17063 was rolled out by the Redmond tech giant on Tuesday to testers who have set their Windows 10 Technical Preview-running machine to Fast Ring.

The latest build arrives a month after Microsoft introduced the Timeline feature and the new window tabs. The former was initially expected to come with the Fall Creators Update, but something along the way delayed its release. But now, Fast Ring testers can take advantage of this new feature.

According to The Verge, Timeline is a feature that enables users to resume apps and activities across multiple Windows 10 devices. This means, users won’t have any problem picking up where they left off when they stopped using a Windows 10 device and switched to a different Windows 10-running machine. In other words, Timeline works just like Apple’s continuity feature in its iOS and macOS devices.

To access Timeline, users should look for it in the Task View area of Windows 10. Upon launching the feature, users will be presented with a visual representation of all app and software activities that took place on supported Windows 10 devices at a particular period. From here, users can select the tabs from another device that they want to access and continue using.

Because there is Cortana integration, users can summon Microsoft’s virtual assistant to access Timeline and do some commands in it. For instance, Cortana will let Windows 10 users know which activities they can resume with the use of a different device from the Timeline feature.

CNET reports that if your device is running Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can access the new Timeline feature by switching your computer’s default setting from Slow Ring to Fast Ring. Both modes receive earlier builds from Microsoft; however, the latter gets them first before the former. To switch to Fast Ring, head to Settings > Update & Security. From there, you need to tap Advanced Options and locate the dropdown menu with “Slow” highlighted. Switch the highlighted mode to “Fast” and you are now a Fast Ring tester.

Once you are already a Fast Ring tester, you may now enjoy Timeline. However, this isn’t the only feature that Windows 10 build 17063 comes with. The new update also brings the tabbed window feature called Sets. This basically adds tabs to windows so that users can group their activities into a single interface.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update for testers also tweaks the Edge browser. Now users will see an updated dark theme with better contrast when they launch the browser. The design of the program has also been modified to coincide with the company’s Fluent Design system.

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