While “The Social Network” portrayed Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard classmates the Winklevoss twins as losers in the battle for Facebook, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss may be the ones laughing now — their share in Facebook is now worth roughly $134 million.

According to Yahoo Finance, the pair of Harvard graduates received roughly 6 million shares of Facebook stock in 2008 in a settlement with Zuckerberg and company over their claims that he stole their idea. 

As of Wednesday, their stake was worth about $134 million as Facebook shares are worth $22.36.

While the Winklevoss twins have been outspoken critics of Zuckerberg and Facebook, they say they don’t plan to sell the majority of their shares any time soon. Instead, they will only be selling about $1 million worth. 

According to Yahoo Finance, the pair will be investing the money from the sale in a new e-commerce website called Hukkster.com. 

Previously, the Winklevoss twins had invested their money in an invite-only social network called SumZero, which was just for Harvard graduates.

The Winklevoss twins acquired their stock in Facebook after a years-long dispute over ownership of the website. The pair had initially hired Zuckerberg to develop a website for them, when Zuckerberg abandoned the project to develop Facebook. The Winklevosses, however, alleged that Zuckerberg stole code from their earlier project.