A new bill signed Wednesday by the Republican governor of Wisconsin will now require voters in the state to show photo identification when they go to the polls, Reuters reported.

Democrats have pegged the new measure as a voter suppression effort by Republicans, which will go into partial effect just as nine state senators - including six of Governor Scott Walker's Republican allies - face July recall challenges. Republicans retort that the measure is a protective one against fraud at the polls.

The law requires that poll workers immediately begin asking voters to show state-issued IDs, but that voters won't be forced to actually produce them until next year.

Eleven states now require a photo ID to vote. Kansas also added a photo ID requirement this year, but it won't take effect until January 1.

Governor Walker called the law a common sense reform that would go a long way to protecting the integrity of elections in Wisconsin.

Democrats charge that the measure is aimed at discouraging their constituents, rather than addressing voter fraud.