Former world heavyweight boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko is in good shape and could make a huge comeback.

After leaving the sport in 2017, Klitschko is reportedly in good shape and could possibly come out of retirement. The Ukrainian retired after being stopped by Anthony Joshua in the 11th round at Wembley Stadium two years ago. But now, things could get even more exciting in the heavyweight division as Klitschko’s trainer Jonathan Banks stated that anything is possible at this point.

In a short interview with TMZ Sports, Banks confirmed that Klitschko has been training and is in “phenomenal shape.”

“Now, All I can say is anything is possible. It would be very interesting. Because he still works out 2 to 3 times a day. He’s in phenomenal shape right now,” Banks confirmed.

Banks and Klitschko have had a stable relationship since the 43-year-old boxing star retired. And according to Banks, should Klitschko really want to return, he will support him “100%.”

“If this is what you make up your mind to do, you have my 100% support,” Banks vowed.

A few weeks ago, Klitschko himself addressed the rumors about his return. In an interview with BBC Sport, Klitschko hasn’t decided yet but boasted that he still got it.

"Will I be back in the ring? I have still got it? Will I come back? I don't know. No-one knows," Klitschko revealed.

"I work out every morning and I lie to myself that I am going to be back in the ring and it is a sweet lie. I just enjoy myself and keep myself healthy. I don't want to speculate or put anything in the air," Klitschko added.

Before his last fight, Klitschko shared the ring with UK’s phenomenal boxing star Tyson Fury. Their epic bout is considered as one of the greatest fights in the heavyweight division. In fact, Just over a week ago, Fury looked back at his fight with Klitschko and revealed his thoughts coming into the fight.

According to Fury, his goal was to be a champion one day and knowing that he could beat Klitschko, he feared that he may lose his drive after the fight, World Boxing News reported.

“I was very depressed going into the fight, going into training camps. I knew I was going to beat this guy. But I remember saying to my dad and brothers ‘Win, lose or draw, I probably won’t fight again after this’,” Fury revealed.

However, Fury was able to beat Klitschko and continued fighting. Now that Klitschko is rumored to make a return, it wouldn’t be impossible for a Fury vs. Klitschko rematch to happen.

Klitschko Fury 2015
Champion Wladimir Klitschko, left, defends his belts against challenger Tyson Fury, right, in Saturday's heavyweight prize fight in Dusseldorf, Germany. Reuters