You might be seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses in love. In the head-over-heels phase, you are mainly generous about sharing your food but Stacey Lowe’s fiance Dave Williams is different.

A U.K. based woman, Stacey had blasted her fiance Dave for apparently installing $54 worth of Lockabox in the fridge to safeguard sweets and snacks from her. Stacey freaked out at the fact that she was even kept from accessing some of her favorite snacks in there.

While it seemed like a smart move Dave had made to keep his chocolate stash safe, Stacey contemplated a split-up with him over this, Dailymail reported.

A resentful Stacey gave vent to her anger saying, “'So this is what it has come to. You buy a house together, have a child together, get engaged, are planning a wedding and doing your house up and this happens, 'Dave goes and buys a f***ing fridge safe because he's an a***hole and doesn't want to share his chocolate with me anymore! Anyone want him? Surely this is breakup material right?”

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While the post had the internet in splits, funnier comments started pouring from other users. One person commented, 'What a brilliant way to stop me from gorging on chocolate late at night.'

Another person, while tagging her boyfriend, commented, 'I would do this if we lived together.'

'I ordered this Lockabox to keep sensitive documents and items away from prying eyes and fingers! The box itself seem nice and sturdy for the price you pay and the lock mechanism is simple and robust,' another comment read.

A parent of a boy wrote, 'My 11-year-old son has autism and struggles with giving up his iPad and other electronics. The Lockabox has worked wonders in our home, and we are now able to limit his time on electronics by locking them away instead of hiding them around the house'.

The idea of the ‘chocolate safe’, which appears to be Dave’ way to curb his girlfriend’s dessert cravings, was lauded by 47,000 people on social media.

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