A woman killed her three children by throwing them into the septic tank of a toilet and then attempted suicide by jumping into the same tank in Indian state of Bihar Saturday.

Premlata Devi, who was frazzled over regularly being beaten up by her drunk husband, first threw her two sons, aged one and four years and her two-year-old daughter into the septic tank before trying to kill herself. However, her attempt failed due to the low depth and height of the tank. She was later rescued by her family members who pulled out the bodies of the children who had by then, died of suffocation.

The deputy superintendent of police (law and order) Nesar Ahmed said the septic tank was located at the backyard of the house where the woman lived with her family, including in-laws, local daily the Hindustan Times reported.

Preliminary investigation showed that the woman was physically assaulted by her intoxicated husband the night before she committed the crime. The septic tank was approximately five feet deep.

Shah said after her failed suicide attempt, the woman sat near the tank repenting her act the entire night while her husband, Devesh Kumar Ranjan, was asleep in the house.

Police arrested the woman and her husband in connection with the incident. While the mother was charged with murder and attempt to suicide, the man was booked for commission of suicide.

A local, whose name was not revealed, said Ranjan was unemployed, without no permanent source of income while his parents were school teachers.

In a similar incident in December 2018, a woman killed herself, her three-year-old son and two daughters aged two and 18 months, using poison after an altercation in the family in Uttar Pradesh, India. The incident took place after the woman’s husband and in-laws called upon her for hitting her daughter who demanded her to buy her a balloon, NDTV reported.

In another incident in September 2018, a woman fled after killing her two children, aged four and seven, by poisoning them in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Her husband, Vijay, informed police after he saw the children lying dead when he returned home from work. Investigation revealed the woman had an extra-marital affair. The woman and her boyfriend were nabbed in another city.

“The plan was to poison Vijay and the two children. Since Vijay did not return home at the usual time, the boyfriend escaped. After poisoning the children, the woman tried to suffocate them to death by closing their mouth and nose,” a police officer said, local daily the Hindu reported.