The Snapchat messaging application is seen on a phone screen Aug. 3, 2017. Reuters

A Chicago woman, Beth Rae Harris, 36, posted the alleged rape of her unconscious friend on social media, and even narrated the sexual assault in the video, prosecutors said Thursday.

The two women fought Aug. 24 over a man whom they had met at a party, a report said citing Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Nora Gill. However, Harris and the 23-year-old victim had patched up, and they went to a party in a club where the latter drank heavily. She passed out in Harris' apartment, local news platform reported.

Gill added the alleged rape took place at Harris' apartment. She had apparently encouraged one or more men to rape the victim who woke up the next morning only to find herself completely naked and sore, Gill said.

The authorities are yet to identify the man or men who were involved in the assault. Gill said when the victim was leaving for her place, Haris told her that a man had sex with her when she was in an unconscious state. According to the victim, when she reached home, she realized Harris had made videos of her being raped and had also posted the videos on Snapchat. The victim could be seen unconscious in videos, the online news website reported citing prosecutors.

Several Snapchat users watched the videos and one of them could identify the woman filming the act and narrating it as Harris, Gill said. The accused is the mother of three children, her public defender said. Cook County Judge James Brown set the bail for her at $150,000 Thursday. Harris has been charged with non-consensual dissemination of sexual images.

Snapchat was contacted for comments regarding the incident, but they did not immediately respond to it, NBC Chicago reported. Snapchat's website has a community guidelines section that condemns posting of content having graphic content. It says: "Never post, save, or send nude or sexual content involving people under the age of 18 — even of yourself. This includes adding drawings or captions to a Snap to make it sexual, even as a joke." Snapchat also prohibits posting pornographic content.

Earlier this month, a woman in Ohio posted a Snapchat video of herself being raped, Toronto Sun reported citing police. Ottawa County Prosecutor James VanEerten said it was not clear if the woman live-streamed the attack or posted it later. The day the video was posted, police arrested the alleged rapist — a 77-year-old man named James Allen.

In May, naked pictures of a 14-year-old incapacitated girl were shared on Snapchat, reports said. While talking to the investigators, the girl said she had gone to a party where she drank a lot and later learned that she was the only 8th grader at the party. The girl said she passed out after drinking, and when she woke up the next day, her stomach hurt and she found blood on her shoes.

A day later, the victim was informed by the friend that she had been raped by two boys at her friend's place where the party was held. The victim was also informed that photographs of the assault were being exchanged by a few people on social media.