Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is playing in the PGA Championship this week. His former caddie, Steve Williams, says he shouldn't have been so outspoken about his former partner. Williams says he's through talking about Woods. Reuters

Tiger Woods' ex-caddie Steve Williams is sorry he has been so outspoken of his former on-course boss after being fired.

Williams, of New Zealand, says he's going to close his mouth about Woods, once and for all.

Williams was on the bag this past weekend with his new PGA partner, Adam Scott, and he helped the golfer win the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron.

In comments before and after the tournament, Williams put anger over being fired by Woods, the world's former number one golfer, on publicly display.

He unleashed multiple harsh comments about Woods in media interviews, after previously pledging to write a tell-all book about his professional relationship with Woods, who has has been plagued by nagging injuries and a divorce over infidelity.

"Looking back on it," Williams told Foxsports.com, "I was a bit over the top. I had a lot of anger in me about what happened and it all came out."

Williams said his win caddying for Scott this past weekend was "the most satisfying win of my career."

With Woods, he had shared in 13 major tournament victories in their 12 years together.

Yet when Woods fired Williams, saying it was time for a change, his former caddie lashed out publicly.

"I said what I said but I'm not going to say any more about Tiger," Williams said. "I had a lot of emotions going on all week. You hear people say 'How good are you now that you're not caddieing for Tiger?', things like that and it makes you want to prove yourself."

Williams said emotion over winning with Scott had unleashed raw feelings, that led to an unfortunate focus on Woods in comments rather than his new partner, Scott.

"When we were coming down the stretch and all those people were calling out my name," Williams said, "I mean, I've never experienced anything like that and when Adam won, all of a sudden, all that emotion poured out. But, look, it's time to move on. The Tiger thing is over."

Woods is playing in the PGA Championship in Atlanta this weekend, and so is Scott. But Williams insists he will no longer talk about Woods.

Woods insists the saga is over as well. He says he's focused on getting his game back into gear as his world ranking has slipped to number 30. In meeting with media after a practice round in Johns Creek, Georgia, site of the PGA Championship, woods gave a short interview, answering 23 media questions, before walking off.

"That's why you guys listen," Woods said, under his breath, "and I play."