A man touches a large Indonesian flag as he takes part in a rally in Jakarta, Indonesia, Nov. 19, 2016. Reuters

An Indonesia man believed to be the oldest person alive celebrated his 146th birthday Saturday, despite having claimed he no longer wants to be alive.

Mbah Gotho, whose "official name" is Sodimejo, lives with his grandson in a town called Sragen within Indonesia's Central Java province. Gotho made international headlines in September after speaking to local media, which led local officials to confirm the authenticity of his identity card. Gotho's birth date is listed as Dec. 31, 1870.

While authorities say the document is real, they admitted it would be impossible to verify whether Gotho was actually born that year. However, the man claimed to remember the opening of a local sugar factory, which records indicated occurred in 1880. Gotho said he has outlived four wives, 10 siblings and three children. His only remaining next-of-kin were grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grand-children, he claimed.

“What I want is to die. My grandchildren are all independent,” he told local media in September, according to the Telegraph.

Gotho's grandson claimed the 146-year-old had made arrangements for his death as far back as 1992, when he bought a grave plot close to the burial sites of his children. Gotho's grandson also said the elder was in relatively good health, suffering only from blurred vision and loss of hearing, and enjoyed his days smoking and eating.

"Just relax, take it easy," Gotho was quoted by Reuters as saying.

The world's oldest living woman, Emma Morano of Pallanza, Italy, turned 117 years old in November. She also attributed her longevity to her lifestyle, claiming her secret was eating three eggs a day and staying single. Because of the difficulty verifying Gotho's age, she officially remained the world's oldest living person. Once his claim gets independently verified, Gotho would also top Jeanne Calment, the oldest person on record, who died at the age of 122 years old in 1997 in Arles, France.