Articles by Tom O'Connor

Defense and International Conflicts Reporter at Newsweek, formerly International Business Times, The Daily Star (Lebanon) and Staten Island Advance.


China Calls US Out On Human Rights

China accused the U.S. of violating human rights through "racial terrorism" against minorities and an "election farce dominated by money politics."

ISIS Loses Access To Iraq Oil

A Pentagon official said the Iraqi army and its allies have cut off nearly all Islamic State group access to oil in the country, leaving the jihadists short of funds.


Bitcoin jumped more than 15 percent to just short of $10,000 following Xi Jinping's comments

Bitcoin Price Could Crash Soon, Here's Why

Despite the slight uptick with a possible shot at higher prices, some analysts think that the way that BTC is trading now signals an impending crash. Haejin suggests that Bitcoin may crash to $3,300.