WWE 2K16
Sting and other fighters are featured in the newest "WWE 2K16" trailer. WWE 2K

At a time when the launch of "WWE 2K16" is only a few days away, developer 2K has released a new trailer hyping up the star-studded roster of the game.

The trailer shows off a few known faces in WWE, including Seth Rollins, Sting, Diva Paige and even cover superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The commercial is a little under a minute and a half, but the tension and excitement to raise hell once the game arrives is very palpable.

The TV commercial, aptly titled “Bonfire,” sees the known wrestlers gathering around and preparing to raise some hell with the release of “WWE 2K16.” A running theme in the commercial is that the wrestlers go towards the bonfire to throw in a memento of their rivals, DualShockers reported.

Each fighter’s turn in the bonfire is punctuated by gameplay scenes from “WWE 2K16.” Even the Divas tidbit was not forgotten in the trailer.

The trailer is not the only thing that 2K Sports has shown off to fans. In the latest reveal, the developer has showcased the Creation Suite, which is the tool that help players craft their own Divas and arenas. According to Bleacher Report, the developer has ensured that for “WWE 2K16” will have the improved version of the tool.

Last year’s “WWE 2K15” also had the Creation Suite. But most of the players complained about the feature, something that the developers took to heart when creating improvements for the Creation Suite.

The Creation Suite now also features a create-a-show mode, which will be introduced in “WWE 2K16.” The report stated that this new mode lets players customize their own graphic packages. 2K appears to have put more time and features into its creation tools for “WWE 2K16.”

“WWE 2K16” is heading to both next-gen and old-gen consoles, the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will first debut in North America on Oct. 27 with the rest of the world following on Oct. 30.

"WWE 2K16" trailer (Credit: YouTube/WWE 2K)