WWE began beta testing a free version of the WWE Network on Friday ahead of plans to introduce a tiered pricing system in 2020.

The free version opened up quietly as a means to stress test the new system and layout before WWE formally announces its launch, along with other changes coming to the WWE Network. The free version is made up of several “carousels” largely made up of free video content from WWE.com and WWE’s YouTube page. It includes various Top 10 lists, Highlights from WWE programming, WWE Network Pick of the Week, and Watch Full Matches.

PWInsider reported the layout isn’t final and changes are expected once the official launch is announced.

It’s the first step in the new tiered pricing system coming to the WWE Network that has been reported as far back since 2016. The system would have the free option currently being beta tested, the current $9.99 tier, and a premium $14.99 tier.

The $9.99 tier would offer the same content currently available to subscribers, including every WWE pay-per-view, all NXT related content, and WWE original programming.

The biggest additions under the $14.99 tier would be the flood of new wrestling content WWE would air from independent promotions that have partnered with WWE. This was first teased when the WWE Network aired Evolve’s 15th Anniversary Show, headlined by Adam Cole and Akira Tozawa. Other promotions would include European promotions like ICW, Progress and WXW.

Dave Meltzer also reported recently that Ring of Honor was allegedly considering a partnership with WWE to bring in talent not being used on TV. However, Ring of Honor’s current partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling would be the main road bump in any potential deal being struck.