A UFC legend believes Cain Velasquez has to turn heel to improve his WWE career.

When Velasquez made his WWE debut, not everybody knew who he was. Some even believe that it was Brock Lesnar who carried Velasquez in his first WWE appearance as the Mexican star lacked the ability to sell himself. Having noticed what’s missing on Velasquez, UFC legend Chael Sonnen suggested a unique scenario in which Velasquez would be able to improve his WWE persona.

In a recent video on his official YouTube channel entitled “Will pro wrestling fans embrace Cain Velasquez?,” Sonnen admitted that he finds it strange that Velasquez pursued pro wrestling when he is still doing good in UFC.

“Going to pre wrestling is always a strange thing for me if you are Cain. You’re making huge money, you are main event, you are always a good argument for a title shot, the one guy Stipe (Miocic) hasn’t fought (you),” Sonnen pointed out.

But now that Velasquez has officially inked a deal with the WWE, Sonnen is ok with it. However, he kept it real with what he believes the former UFC heavyweight champ has been doing wrong.

“Everything was great and Cain when they get to the back(stage) not for nothing as far as the debut, needs to go up and shake Brock’s hand. Dude you don’t have to do that,” Sonnen said.

According to Sonnen, Velasquez is “missing one element” in his WWE career – the ability to cut promos.

“I also couldn’t make believe for you that that would be best for the business because Cain is missing one element,” Sonnen continued.

“Here’s Cain’s problem, he can’t cut a promo,” Sonnen revealed.

Despite criticizing Velasquez’s performance as a pro wrestler, Sonnen tried to help his fellow former UFC fighter. Based on Sonnen’s suggestion, Velasquez will gain more popularity by turning heel with Paul Heyman (Lesnar’s WWE manager).

“The switch needs to come with Paul (Heyman). Paul drops Lesnar! Paul goes to Cain’s side! Now they become the heels. Brock becomes the face who is left all alone. Oh! and by the way, the secret that Brock’s been carrying around for 20 years in the business is his great on the mic,” Sonnen pointed out.

brock-lesnar-cain-velasquez-wwe Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar face-off during WWE press conference Photo: USA Today

Meanwhile, Velasquez already addressed the UFC and his fans as he finally leaves the sport he once dominated. According to Velasquez, he is grateful for what the UFC and his fans have done for him in the past but he is already on to the next chapter of his career. At this point, the former UFC star is all about WWE.

“ I would like to admit, but I can honestly say I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling now. The contract is signed and I’m on my way to my next goal which is Universal Champion. WWE Universe, thank you for welcoming me with open arms," Velasquez wrote.

Chael Sonnen Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones fought in 2013, with the latter coming away with the victory. In this picture, Sonnen attends the UFC 170 event at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 22, 2014. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images