• Roman Reigns could lose the WWE Universal belt at the Elimination Chamber
  • Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso have the highest chances of becoming the next WWE Universal champion
  • Edge vs. Bryan at Wrestlemania 37 could be set

WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns will defend his belt against the survivor of the WWE Elimination Chamber six-man match, with Big Dog holding an edge. But by the time he faces the winner, Reigns will be ready and fresh against a battle-worn opponent.

The match was announced at the Feb. 12 edition of WWE SmackDown, with the participants to be decided in a series of matches. When the smoke cleared, the six men standing were Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro. Of those names, Uso and Bryan have long been rumored to be the Tribal Chief’s next opponent.

But for now, the focus is on Owens, who was Reigns’ opponent in his last title matches. Most see KO as a temporary rival, but the Canadian did send a strong statement when he laid out his fellow Elimination Chamber combatants.

Here are some potential outcomes based on how the path of Reigns has gone so far:

Bryan may win six-man skirmish and WWE Universal title

It is no secret that the Yes Man has his eyes on Reigns’ title. Most saw this possibly happening at Wrestlemania 37, but winning it at WWE Elimination Chamber could set the stage for a bigger main event at the WWE spectacle.

If Bryan finds a way to win, a rematch at Wrestlemania 37 is expected to happen – unless a sudden twist occurs in earlier shows. However, the script could be flipped with Edge yet to name his target title at the WWE big dance.

Edge previously hinted at wanting to face Bryan in a match, although there was no mention of a title being on the line. If Bryan hangs on to the title, it could set up the stage in what should be a great main event at Wrestlemania 37. But where does this leave Reigns?

Uso could challenge for "Tribal Chief" tag

Uso has long been groomed for singles action but has so far toiled behind the Big Dog’s shadow. If Reigns and Uso lose, a potential scenario could see the cousins battling it out for the Tribal Chief title anew.

Then again, another final scenario could see Uso surprisingly win it all. It could set the stage for a Wrestlemania showdown not only for the WWE Universal title but also the rights to be hailed as the Tribal Chief.

Between the two scenarios, Bryan looms as the one who would make sense to win it all, though Uso could also win it. However, if Uso falls short, there is that “Tribal Chief” storyline that still makes sense.

WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan
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