WWII vet John Potter's daughter sent him a notice to evict him from the home he built and has lived in for 56 years. Jaclyn Fraley/GoFundMe

A 91-year-old World War II veteran is facing eviction from the home he built and has lived in for the last 56 years by his own daughter.

John Potter built the home in Zaleski, Ohio, and in 2004 gave daughter Janice Cottrill power of attorney over his estate if his health declined, "Good Morning America" reports. The power of attorney included the responsibility of taking care of Cottrill’s 64-year-old brother, who is autistic.

Potter is a WWII veteran, a one-time Vinton County sheriff, former mayor of Zaleski, Ohio, and a former chief train dispatcher for Baltimore & Ohio railroad company. Cottrill is Potter’s only daughter. His wife died some time after 2004.

Cottrill abused her power of attorney when she put the deed of the Zaleski home in her name. (It is illegal for those with power of attorney of an estate to sign over any property or items to themselves, "Good Morning America" notes.) When Potter learned of the deed change in 2010, he promptly gave his 35-year-old granddaughter, Jaclyn Fraley, power of attorney and then sued his daughter to put the deed back under his name. Potter won, but an appeals court ruled in favor of his daughter, citing the statute of limitations.

After the appeals court ruling, Cottrill sent her father an eviction notice. He'll have to go to court for an eviction hearing, and he will lose, "GMA" notes. Speaking about being evicted by his own daughter, Potter said, “I just cannot believe my daughter would ever do anything like that to me.”

Fraley, for her part, does not hold any ill will toward her mother but simply wants her grandfather to be able to stay in the home he built. Since her mother would be willing to sell the home to Potter, Fraley set up a GoFundMe page to ask for donations that would help him buy it. “My grandfather deserves to stay in his home as long as he possibly can," she said. "If he wants to leave, it should be his decision.”

So far, the GoFundMe project has raised $45,452 with a set goal of $125,000. Fraley has been active on the site, even setting up a Q&A session with her grandfather from the many questions submitted by contributors.

The video of Potter’s Q&A session can be viewed below.