Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation console, Project Scarlett, promises new gaming experience and a more powerful gaming platform. It will be Microsoft’s ultimate weapon of choice in the much-awaited faceoff with Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5.

In a recent interview with the technology website The Verge, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer confirmed that the company's upcoming console will not be out of position on power and price. Spencer also said that the company will not repeat its past mistakes with the upcoming Xbox console, The Verge reported.

Microsoft is going all-in on Project Scarlett, focusing on new features like cross-play and backward compatibility. The goal is to keep up with the growing competition and to maintain its strong presence in the multibillion-dollar console market.

About the Project Scarlett

First introduced at this year’s Microsoft Xbox E3 briefing event, Project Scarlett is the code name of the company’s next generation of Xbox gaming consoles. At the time, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer confirmed to the media that Microsoft's Xbox development team was deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles. The main goal is to deliver the benchmark of console gaming. The Xbox Chief also mentioned works on artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud gaming technologies.

Microsoft has already confirmed in their previous announcement that the next-gen console will support 8K gaming as well as Microsoft’s new Project xCloud. Microsoft will add this new cloud gaming service to make it easier for gamers to play Xbox games across a range of devices.

The upcoming Xbox Project Scarlett promises to be the most powerful gaming console in the market by the time it releases in 2020 -– with custom-designed CPU from AMD and an SSD drive. The upcoming console will bring a number of performance upgrades and will be four times more powerful than the company's latest console, the Xbox One X.

Microsoft hasn’t provided the exact release date for the upcoming console, but its confirmed a 2020 release window.

Big Xbox deals coming on Black Friday

There are a huge Xbox One bundle's deals coming on Black Friday. The latest Xbox bundle deals are arriving hot and heavy, CNET reported.

For die-hard "Star Wars" fans, the Xbox One X (1TB version) with "Jedi Fallen Order" Deluxe Edition will sell for just $350. The Xbox bundles also include premium in-game skins, 90 minutes video content, and three months of Xbox Live Gold. In addition to that, the Xbox One S with Gear 5 will also be made available on Target, for just $350 only.