Search teams for the for the Yemenia air crash have detected the signal beacons from the two flight recorders of the jet that plunged into the Indian Ocean last Monday.

The agency, the French Office of Investigations and Analyses, said the signals were located Sunday morning by a submarine and were confirmed to be coming from the black box recorders of the plane.

We expect to pinpoint the location of the black boxes in the coming days, Lieutenant Commander Christophe Levivier told the AFP. So the recovery of the black boxes will only be possible after several days, the AFP reported.

The two recorders are essential to help determine what happened to the crashed jet that claimed the lives of 152 on board and left one survivor.

The black boxes' locator beacons, known as pingers, emit signals for 30 days after the crash. After this time has passed, it could become impossible to locate the black box flight recorders and discover what happened to the Airbus A310.

The cause of the crash remains unclear.