• Some decks are generally better against others
  • Only a few decks manage to see use from the top percentage of players
  • Not all high-level decks are difficult to use

Even among the thousands of cards available in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel,” there are still a few decks that stand out as the best for one reason or the other.

Luck and technical skill are not enough to help players climb the Ranked Duel ladder. To reach the top, players will have to compete against the strongest cards in the meta. As it happens, only the best of decks can truly keep up with high-level play.

Here are three of the best meta decks in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel” so far that will help players carve through the competition.

Eldlich Permastun

The trap-based Eldlich-deck is arguably the easiest to use out of everything else in the current. This deck revolves around disrupting the enemy’s plays with Continuous Traps, negation spells, card destroyers and the unkillable Eldlich the Golden Lord monster, who can repeatedly resurrect himself as long as the player has enough trap cards to sacrifice.

Eldlich the Golden Lord - YGO Master Duel
Eldlich the Golden Lord Yugioh Master Duel

Along with powerful Xyz monsters in the Extra Deck, the Eldlich deck can pummel opponents into submission without giving them the chance to retaliate. However, this deck is weak against banish-focused decks and any other deck that can keep the Eldlich monster from activating its resurrection effect.

Sky Strikers

The Sky Striker deck combines a plethora of chainable spell cards and card effects to turn a single powerful Sky Striker Ace monster into a one-girl army. As long as there are no monsters in the normal playing field, Sky Striker players will be able to cast one spell after the other while benefitting from monster effects during or at the end of their turn.

Though the standard Sky Striker monsters lack firepower, card-destroying spells and powerful Extra Deck Link monsters like Sky Striker Zeke and Accesscode Talker are more than enough to bring the enemy’s LP to zero.


Perhaps the most notorious of the meta decks, a properly-built Drytron deck with the right off-deck cards can be very infuriating to play against. Though this deck requires tons of setup, getting all of the right cards on the field can mean instant victory.

The Drytron’s main strength is its ability to more easily summon the Herald of Perfection, which has the ability to negate any and every card effect in the game so long as there are enough Fairy monsters to sacrifice. Getting the Herald up will then make summoning big monsters like Drytron Meteonis Draconids much easier, which can lead to an instant game over for the opponent.