Dan Artosis Stemkoski, a prominent Starcraft II commentator and player, announced on Twitter on Friday that his girlfriend was pregnant, and he'll be a father in 2012.

Stemkoski was one of the top non-Korean Starcraft: Brood War players in the early 2000s, and he's risen to become one of the most visible commentators with Blizzard Entertainment's sequel, Starcraft II, which is played internationally as a competitive electronic sport, or e-sport. Stemkoski commentates the Global Starcraft League every month with Nick Tasteless Plott from Seoul, South Korea.

Here are four qualities that will make Stemkoski a great dad:

1. Humor

Stemkoski and Plott have some of the best chemistry among sports commentators, with a lively give-and-take that juxtaposes pop culture references and playful irreverence. Even when the games are one-sided, the duo manages to entertain the audience with their lively banter. And for the very top players, they lavish hyperbolic praise.

2. Passion

In his early years, Stemkoski would practice relentlessly for the local U.S. qualifiers for the World Cyber Games, despite the minuscule prize support and small visibility. In 2008, he went to Seoul, the mecca of e-sports, to work for IEG and commentate games. According to his accounts, life was frugal, with time spent crashing with friends and living off a meager salary. But he was undeterred, and with the release of Starcraft II, Stemkoski rose to become one of the most prominent casters. Although he now fills his schedule with Starcraft-related work, he continues to do additional interviews and commentary in his free time.

3. Intelligence

Stemkoski is famed for his deep analysis of the game, which comes from his experience as a player, but also his eagerness to learn from the Korean players that he commentates. As one of the few English commentators in Korea, Stemkoski provides a valuable glimpse into the Korean metagame, which has long been considered the most sophisticated and groundbreaking area. He streams his own gameplay online with commentary, and creates tutorials on his YouTube channel.

4. Empathy

When Stemkoski was growing up, he said he gazed into the eye of a guinea pig and realized that he could no longer eat meat. He's been a dedicated vegetarian since, and also owns a menagerie of pets, including ferrets and a cat. Stemkoski has always been a mentor for talented - but sometimes immature - players like Greg IdrA Fields and Juan Major Lopez.