More than 750,000 people have fled Libya and another 150,000 have relocated in the country since the conflict started, Panos Moumtzis, United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Libya, said on Tuesday.

“Due to the conflict, there is shortage of cash and fuel which is causing serious problems to the Libyan’s,” Moumtzis said.

Moumtzis on Monday, held discussions with both sides of the conflict, demanding the authorities to give green light to the humanitarian access.

The longer the crisis continues the more grave the situation is in the country, said Moumtzis.

Discussion between the UN coordinator and the Libyan government was carried out--concerns the resumption of UN humanitarian presence in Tripoli.

After the attack by an angry mob at their office early this month, UN withdrew its international staff from the Libyan Capital.

The Libyan government has given assurances of safety to the people, and also apologized for ransacking.

Refugees from Libya are well-accepted in Tunisia, whereas most of the European Nations are reluctant to accept refugees going towards the European continent, and the NATO forces which have allegedly neglected the signals of refugee boats struggling at sea.

Around 48,000 refugees who have recently fled from the western mountain regions are currently accommodated by Tunisian families.

Moumtzis thanked and praised the Tunisians for their tremendous generosity towards the refugees.